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Why did I decide to go live now?

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I just had a really good day writing wise and decided to put Black Sheep: Loving in the Present live a few days ahead of schedule (I would have put it live on Monday to make sure it was everywhere on Wednesday).

Buuuut, Smashwords is the only one that goes live immediately and I'm gonna go to bed in an hour. Which means I won't see it go live until tomorrow morning.

I don't know if I'll actually sleep tonight until I get the email from amazon that it's life.

Why did I decide that uploading right before midnight was a good idea? :p
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I'm the same way.  I have to post the book the first moment I can.  Then I constantly refresh everything to see when it goes live.  Then realize it won't for hours or maybe even days.  Just think of it is as something to look forward to.  Or that's what I tell myself.
I've had the files ready for over a week now. I finished them well on time for release. It's just that I promised a release date and simply could't wait any longer before release (not to mention I had people checking if I went live yet :p )
It's smart to give it a few days leeway.  It takes a few days (often) for the Look Inside to load and there can be other technical glitches you want to fix in the first day or two too.

Don't freak out if it isn't ready when the email comes.  It often takes several more hours after that point for all the pieces to load.
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