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"Why send just a card, when they deserve a book?"

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How many times do you send a card to someone for a birthday or graduation or anniversary and think about how much it is ($3.99?) for something that takes about five seconds to read and they probably just throw it away after they read it?

Wouldn't it be awesome if instead people started sending e-books that last so much longer and don't cost any more, or maybe even less? Maybe we should all start a campain to encourage our friends (and maybe even fans) to think about sending one of our books (or any book they have enjoyed) instead of a card. Those of you who have blogs could suggest it to people who follow you, and I'd bet that the people who read your blog would think it was a pretty cool idea.

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When friends or family ask what I want for <insert ocassion here>, I always answer, "An Amazon gift card would be great." :)
I've always thought my book My Last Romance and other passions would make a PERFECT Valentine's card! It is filled with very sexy love stories, it's only a few bucks more than a fancy Valentine card -- and it's written by a REAL Valentine!
In addition to ('cause I love cards!) or instead of a card sounds good! Also, someone on another thread suggested the amazon gift cards as stocking stuffers at Christmas, especially for younger readers.  :)
While, I'm not mocking the idea... I would like to see that trend take off as well... but I don't think anything says "Happy Mother's Day" quite like a murder mystery and a bloody beheading. =)
Short stories in particular would be ideal for this. 

This is one of the things I think could be a good outcome of Dean Wesley Smith's idea of book "gift cards." His press is working with Smashwords to sell individual books as physical cards in independent bookstores.  IMHO, this is an ideal replacement for the greeting card, especially since you still have a physical thing to give (and it can still have a "Happy Birthday" on it).

I think that's a great idea, especially when some greeting cards cost as much as five or six dollars for the sake of a bit of glitter on the front. Here in Canada we've also got a mail strike going on - and I've got several birthday cards with physical gift certificates waiting to go in the mail. Sending ebooks or gift codes via email would have been a much better alternative.

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