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Wife likes Paperwhite better then Kindle Keyboard

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Well it's official my wife like likes the Paperwhite better then the Kindle Keyboard because... It has no buttons to confuse her. 

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I have to admit a similar experience. I haven't even played with my wife's new PW for five minutes, but today on my trusty K3 I was momentarily stumped when I wanted to see "more" of a word definition. On the screen it said "More <-|"  - meaning that I was supposed to hit the arrow/Enter key - but I reached up and touched "More" on the screen and forgot for a moment that there was a button with the arrow on it!

It doesn't take long to become "touch-stupid!"

Anyway, my wife does love her PW upgrade from her K2 and the screen itself does not seem to have the dreaded defects - at least not to the extent that either of us notice.

And she hadn't even finished unwrapping the PW for her birthday before two of the (adult) kids were putting in claims for the K2.
I like not having the buttons too, but just because it was making the device necessarily larger for me since I do nothing but read on my Kindle and do all my book buying on one of my computers or my iPad.

And yep, I use the dictionary a lot more now as it so much easier to just touch words than to have to scroll up and click them etc.

But the light is the main thing I love about it.  I love not needing a clip on light or being stuck next to a lamp.  Makes for a more flexible reading experience than my old Kindles or Paperbooks, and I don't get the eye strain or tired of holding the weight like I do sometimes if I read for long stretches on my iPad.
While I loved my Kindle Keyboard as a reading device, I always thought the keyboard itself awkward and fairly useless. As I only ever used it to create collections....I didnt use the Kindle for anything but didnt matter much to me.

OTOH, when I got it, I already had touch devices and 'tried' navigating it a few times by touch!

As an e-reader tho, it's a fine device and I only upgraded to the Paperwhilte because I use a light to read in almost all conditions and wanted the new light. And I'm spoiled.
I don't use the keyboard much on my K3. For searching for books on the Kindle Store, an on-screen keyboard would work for me just as well. I do like the buttons, but it's probably because I'm used to it. My sister as a K2, and I can't stand her 5-way controller. She feels the same about mine.
I received the Paperwhite too and I love it!  I loved the K3 and was worried I wouldn't like the touchscreen....but I love it!  :)
Who knew that a keyboard could be confusing?  I kid, I kid...

I really liked the Keyboard.  I do/did a lot of typing for notes and such on my Keyboard model.  But, I really like the screen and lighting on the paperwhite, so I'm content with the upgrade.
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