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WiFi with iTouch - how to connect?

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Ok, I just got  a new iTouch and I'm trying to connect to WiFi so I can download my Kindle books from Amazon. I have the App downloaded to the itouch but I cannot get it to connect to the WiFi. The WiFi switch is ON, it sees networks so I touch one, type in my Amazon acct. info. and then it tells me there is no connection.  What am I missing???  I was at a hotel on Friday night and was trying to use their free WiFi but it kept telling me it was not connected. Do I have to "join" a network the first time I use it?  Please help. I am quickly getting very frustrated trying to connect. I have read the directions in the manual and don't know what I'm missing, unless it has to do with "joining" the network. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but hubby deals with all of the computer stuff so I'm not up on how all of that kind of stuff works.
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Thanks again. That's probably the issue I was having. Hubby's been gone, then I left for a couple days and life was crazy for a bit before leaving. I probably shouldn't have even tried anything until I had more time to deal with it, but was hoping it would be easy enough. Hopefully I'm up and running soon.
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