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Amanda Brice said:
They pay quarterly and have a delay for third-party sales, because they have to wait until the other store pays them. The quarters end March 31, June 30, September 30, December 31.

If I recall correctly, it's a $70 minimum if you want a check, but the threshold is lower if you're fine with Paypal. I don't remember the Paypal threshold.

Anyway, your sales dating back to February should be included in the next payment, in July, assuming you've met the threshold.
This pretty much covers it. I've been with Smash for two years. They pay quarterly and are very reliable. Paypal is faster, but there are paypal fees.

The delays are because ALL vendors have a delay in paying them. Amazon is the same way. The only difference is they pay monthly--but they are paying for sales from about 60 days previous.
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