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Will updating a book's description on Amazon cause issues with free days?

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I have a bit of a prawny ad campaign running tomorrow through Thursday on book 1 of my Pitchfork County series. I wanted to make a slight change to my book's description to point new readers to a .99 deal on Book 2 of the series. Do description changes go through the whole 12-48 hour republish cycle that happens when you update a book's file? I'd like to make the change to the description, but not if there's a chance it'll screw up my KDP free days that start tomorrow.

Thanks for any insight into the mysterious ways of KDP publishing.
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It will be fine, since the existing version will stay until the update is published.
Yeah, it'll be fine. The description will update pretty quickly--within a couple of hours. I'm not sure if you're modifying your file or not, but I did this morning and the changes updated within an hour.

Good luck! Your covers are seriously fantastic and your writing is pretty great.
Thanks so much for the info. And thanks for the compliments, Sevendays - I'll let my book designer and my editor know you approve of their hard work.  :)
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