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Aaaaaaaand the winners are in -- Critters Writers Workshop would like to congratulate all the winners in the 23rd Annual Critters Readers' Poll!

The full list of entrants and rankings for all 41 categories (as well as links to check out the entrants themselves) can be found at:

Congratulations especially to the first place finishers:

Best Anthology: The Horror Zine's Book of Ghost Stories, Hellbound Books ( )

Best Artist: Denny E. Marshall ( )

Best Artwork: 'The Road Home', Denny E. Marshall ( )

Best Author: Wulf Moon ( )

Best Book Cover Artwork: Big Shots and Bullet Holes, B. David Spicer (cover by Brandon Spicer ( )

Best Book Editor: Cheryl Malandrios ( )

Best Bookstore: 4RV Publishing ( )

Best Print/Electronic Book Publisher: The Wild Rose Press ( )

Best Fiction Magazine / e-zine: The Horror Zine ( )

Best Nonfiction article: Names: SF's Influence on Name Freedom, Herb Kauderer, Altered Reality Magazine ( )

Best Nonfiction book: Rest in God; A Prayer Journal , Yvonne M Morgan, Arabelle Publishing ( )

Best Nonfiction Magazine / e-zine: The BSFA Review ( )

Best Other Novel: Road Kill - the Duchess of Frisian Tun, Pete Adams, Next Chapter ( )

Best Children's Book: A Very Sticky Christmas, Chuck Hawley, Sticky the Kitty LLC ( )

Best Erotica Novel: Pink Triangle, Lea Bronsen, Writers in Crime ( )

Best Horror Novel: Be Free, TS Woolard, Dark Moon Rising Publications ( )

Best Magical Realism Novel: Pink, Not Fanged, Paige Etheridge, Solstice Publishing ( )

Best Mystery Novel: Pestilence, Brian L Porter, Even fall (Next Chapter) ( 80 I p )

Best Positive Future Novel: The Rude Eye of Rebellion, J.R.H. Lawless, Uproar Books ( )

Best Romance Novel: Arresting Jeremiah, Amber Daulton, The Wild Rose Press ( )

Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Novel: Splice, Bill McCormick, Azoth Khem Publishing ( )

Best Steampunk Novel: The Alchemyst's Mirror, Liz Delton, Tourmaline & Quartz Publishing ( )

Best Thriller Novel: Bel Nemeton: Caledfwlch, Jon Black, 18thWall Productions ( )

Best Young Adult Book: Devil's Bane: Tales of a Fourth Grade Warrior, Ken MacGregor, Dragon's Roost Press ( )

Best Poem: Dementia, Pamela K. Kinney, Horror Writers Association ( )

Best Poet: TS Woolard ( )

Best Poetry Magazine / e-zine: The Horror Zine ( )

Best Promotional Firm, Site, or Resource: Stephanie Barko, Literary Publicist ( )

Best Review Site: Kevin's Corner ( )

Best All other Short Story: Everybody Loves A Clown, Paul Lubaczewski, Sci Fi Lampoon ( )

Best Horror Short Story: Sadie, Lydia Prime, Kandisha Press ( )

Best Magical Realism Short Story: Doll Parts, Shannon Grant, 518 Publishing Company LLC ( )

Best Positive Future Short Story: Such Sweet Sorrow, Gustavo Bondoni, Third Flatiron Publishing ( )

Best Romance Short Story: Harmony's Embrace, Amber Daulton, The Wild Rose Press ( )

Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story: Muzik Man, Wulf Moon, DEEP MAGIC Magazine ( )

Best Steampunk Short Story: Crosswords of the Sky, Jenna Etough, Immortal Works ( )

Best Writers' Discussion Forum: Writers of the Future Forum ( )

Best Writers' Resource/Information/News Source: Wulf Moon's SUPER SECRETS ( )

Best Writers' Workshop: Wulf Moon's SUPER SECRETS ( )

Best Magazine / e-zine Cover Artwork: Speculative North, David F. Shultz ( )

Best Magazine / e-zine Editor: David F. Shultz ( )

Over 2500 voters voted in the poll, which recognizes achievement in 41 publishing related categories.

The poll is hosted by Critters Writers Workshop ( ), the first writers' workshop on the web, founded in 1995, home to tens of thousands of writers. It is a free service.

The next poll begins Dec. 24th.

Thanks to all who voted! And thanks to our sponsors,

ReAnimus Press -
Creating Short Fiction by Damon Knight -
The Unborn by Brian ("DUNE") Herbert -
John Stith's PUSHBACK -
Nyx Net - Free web hosting at the World's First ISP -

For more information, contact Andrew Burt, Readers Poll Votemaster, at
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