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Maneker (author of Kindle Chronicles). Here's a link if you'd like to listen:

I listened to this today and thought that it was like the blind leading the blind between Lopate and Manjoo. Manjoo has a kindle an writes about it for, but he didn't really seem to know much about it. Molly Barton is an editor at Penguin ebooks division and contributed more to the discussion. Lopate asked whether readers have access to or some other website, Manjoo said yes, but it's slow and complicated and made it sound as if you accessed it online. He didn't even say that the dictionary is built in.

Lopate asked whether use of the kindle will discourage reading the classics. Molly Barton answered no and said that those can be purchased as well. No one mentioned that many of them that are in the public domain are available for free.

I really like Leonard Lopate's radio show. He just acted like super-luddite about the kindle, though. Asked about the price and when someone told him $359, he said $59? He's better on topics that he knows something about.

This is also available in itunes. I listened on my ipod while walking today.

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