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Now permanently discounted to $2.99!

2024. The world we know is crumbling. A devastating war in the Persian Gulf has left the global economy in ruins, and civilization itself is beginning to crack under the strain.

When a war-weary task force of NATO ships races against time and a rival fleet to prevent Brazil's descent into a murderous civil war, their mission is unexpectedly upset by a mysterious tempest. Thrown back in time, Captains Steven Flynn and Florian Hallwinter with their crews emerge in the year 1940 as the world is gripped in the fires of World War Two.

Presented with the opportunity to change both past and future for the better, they find themselves drawn into a maelstrom of conflicting interests. While overcoming the suspicion of their natural allies of the time proves harder than they imagined, they soon discover that even the best intentions carry the seeds of doom. For whereas Flynn is American, Hallwinter and his crew are from Germany...

* * *​

WOLF HUNT is a Technothriller / Alternate History Novel full of intrigue, action & drama, featuring such historical personalities like FDR, J. Edgar Hoover, Adolf Hitler & Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. The novel's word count is ~ 175,000, so you get a lot to read for your money. ;)

WOLF HUNT is available for Kindle on & Amazon UK.

You can also get it as a paperback now!

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The Great Nazi-Hunting Palooza of July is coming to an end, but we're not quite there yet. You can still strike a bargain over at Smashwords where Wolf Hunt is available for only $2.99 (that's a 26% discount, folks!) for the coming seven days! Get your copy now!

And right now, Amazon is selling the paperback edition of Wolf Hunt at a discount of 28%, meaning you can get it at $12.23 instead of the regular price of $16.99. Since I've got no idea for how long Amazon will keep the price that low: now's your chance!

Also, Wolf Hunt got its second 5-Star Review on Amazon! Thanks guys. I mean it.

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Yes! The day has come! As of today, Wolf Hunt has sold more than 500 copies, which is a magnificent mile stone for me. I'd like to thank you, the readers, for your interest in my work and for all the supportive and insightful comments I have received via the Contact form (and please, feel free to keep doing that). So far, Wolf Hunt has achieved 12 Amazon reviews total, of which 11 were 4 Stars and above!

* * *​

In light of the novel achieving that number of sales, and maybe as a little incentive of those for you who are on the fence about whether or not they would like to read it, you can now get Wolf Hunt at a discount price of $2.99 for the whole of December (meaning, of course, the ebook version of the novel). Check it out on Amazon or Smashwords!

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Back in 2011 I published the first novel of my alternate history/WW2 series The Burning Ages, called Wolf Hunt to the acclaim of critics and fellow authors alike.

One of the best this year ... engaged me from the first page to the last. [Sift Book Reviews]

Terrific multi-genre fiction! [William P. Grasso, author of East Wind Returns]

First rate, action packed techno-thriller and alternate history. [Steven Konkoly, author of The Jakarta Pandemic]

Now Clash of Eagles starts where Wolf Hunt ended.

Adolf Hitler is dead. The Führer of Nazi Germany has been brought down by a bold attack, led by the mastermind of Germany's military intelligence organization, the Abwehr, Wilhelm Canaris. But Canaris did not act on his own. Soldiers - men and women - from the future, flung back in time by a strange tempest, fought at the conspirators' side. The course of history has been changed.
But not all is well.

The Nazis are shocked and battered, but far from beaten. Reinhard Heydrich, the head of the Nazi security apparatus and new self-proclaimed Reichsführer, is gathering his forces as occupied Europe finds itself cut in half, embroiled in a German civil war.

With Germany in disarray, Italy's fascist leaders are seeking glory and conquests of their own. Across the Channel, Churchill's Britain stands undefeated and defiant, confident that the time has come to turn the tides of this war.

And while the United States stands as a distant towering giant, with "Uptimers" of its own working to prepare it for the coming struggle, the realization of those in Germany that there is more than one devil (and he may come offering gifts) may just propell their fellowship into a precipice...

You can read the Prologue of Clash of Eagles here.

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Wolf Hunt has now permanently been priced at $2.99 and has accumulated 35 reviews on Amazon, 27 of which are four or five star ratings!
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