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WOLVON (a horror themed action drama)

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A self interview giving you all the info about me and my book WOLVON! Wolvon is available on amazon and on kindle unlimited, as an ebook and is available on paperback. I'm posting the transcript for the interview here as well just in case you'd rather read it here. On amazon you can read a few page's of my book for free just click on the picture of the cover and get previewing. Also check out the 4 star review. I'm very confident that you'll be entertained. Enjoy.
Self interview video
Here's the book. All 3 options here, Kindel Unlimted, ebook, Paperback,aps,226&sr=8-1

What is WOLVON?
Wolvon is the name of the novel I’ve written and released. In the story the name Wolvon is the true name for Werewolf. I’ll give you a little summary. Gruesome murders begin to crop up in New York. These murders seemingly having no connection to each other except for two common factors. Unlike your typical assault the bodies were mangled in a way that is more a kin to a large animal than a man. Each murder had traces of K9 and human DNA recovered at each crime scene. Who or what are responsible for these murders? Why are they happing now? Over the course of four stories see the lives of several individuals changed forever by the beast with the White Mane. Dragged into a life where myth meets reality, what will they do, who will they become? Are they truly in control of their own lives or just part of a cruel game?

What genre is your book in?

It’s a combination of different genres. I consider it a horror themed action drama.

Who is the main Character of your book?

My book has 5 main characters

Lisa Alvarez: Lisa is an office worker who is very meek person who struggles with depression and self-loathing. She has strong feelings for her childhood friend William who also works in the same office. Ever since he comforted her after her father left her family she has had a rather unhealthy obsession with him. After going through the worst night of her life a fateful encounter changes everything. Now possessing a new found strength and confidence will she grow into a better person or go down a much darker path?

Jack Moran: Jack is a former rocker turned music producer. Once part of a promising Rock band his dreams are cut short after his band is taken advantage of by a music producer. Jack decides to become the very thing he hates in order to secure money and success. He soon becomes addicted to his vices. After one night that was stranger than most, people that cross him are starting to end up dead. What’s causing this and what does he plan to do about it?
Jennifer Zhu: Jennifer is a police detective who has been investigating a series of brutal murders. She finds that despite each case seeming like random attacks a strange mix of K9 and human DNA was recovered at every crime scene. She believes this to be some new trick to hide the killer’s identity and goes on a hunt to find the murderer. She is a driven woman with a strong sense of justice. However she tends to be too willing to take risks and doesn’t seem to value her own life as much as she does others.

Kevin: Kevin grew up with parents that had unreasonable demands. They would constantly belittle his achievements as a twisted form of motivation. Frustrated he attempts to turn to life of crime. After meeting a Woman named Dorothy he finds himself drawn into a world much bigger than himself. He changes his name and leaves his old life behind. Now he once again finds himself back in New York on a mission to retrieve individuals simply referred to as Lost Ones. A mission that will bring him face to face with his past has things become more complicated by the second.
Christopher Mercado: Chris is an amateur MMA fighter who has had many failures in his life. With his mother being killed in a car accident and his father in prison for murder Chris was raised by his uncle Jose. A man who is also one of his coaches. After having suffered multiple setbacks in his career finally his first big break happens in the form of an upset victory. After experiencing the highest of high’s he is soon met with tragedy. Now he finds himself on a quest for revenge that’s leading him to a death match with what truly is an apex predator.

Mikael: A mystery man that has experience seemingly beyond his years who carries himself with a playful sense of confidence. Who is he? What does he want? Is he an ally or an enemy?

The Book plays out over the course of four stories can you elaborate on that a bit more?
Yes rather than have this play out in multiple chapters over the course of a single story each individual story moves the general story forward. Each story has different lead characters. There is a sense of escalation as the world gets bigger has each character drags us deeper into it. The events of each story bleed off into the others and my lead characters are not isolated from each other.

What is important to you as a writer?
I feel that characters, story, world building, action, and most importantly pacing are what’s important to me. Bad pacing can really hurt a story no matter how good it is. I don’t feel the need to drag things needlessly but I’m not trying to rush from moment to moment. You really have to nail that sweat spot so you won’t bore people but will still give them enough time to really process what they’ve read. I’m also writing in a format that’s closer to a screenplay or comic script format. So scenes, narration and character dialog stand out better. Theirs’s none of that repetitive he said she said stuff. Also I see my work as entertainment and pure escapism.
There have been many stories with Werewolves in them. What are you looking to do with these creatures that might be different than what we normally see?
I really want to break down the process of what it is to live and evolve as a Wolvon. How you can go from being nothing more than a wild animal to a more controlled competent fighter. What does it take to get to the point where you are fully in control and you’re basically yourself but in a stronger body. Also how would they hide their activities from the general public? Who would be responsible for keeping everything a secret from the rest of the world? The difference between someone who was born a Wolvon and someone who was turned into one? How much can someone’s mental state affect their transformation? Since the setting is in the modern era there are things that can be broken down scientifically and I like the idea of exploring that as the overall story progresses. While I respect classic tropes I’m not exactly a slave to them. For example Wolvon don’t need a full moon to change and can do so at any time. However moonlight makes them stronger and the transformation much easier to achieve at night. Also I like the idea of exploring cultural differences that can spring up in a world were these monsters are real.

Do you like novels and can you name a few you've read?
No I’m not into novels at all but luckily that isn’t required to write one. I’ve read a few here and their when I was in school but the only one I’ve ever liked was Hamlet. For me I see it as a good thing that I’m not into novels that much. It allows me to come at this with different sensibilities. I have a lot of different interest’s that make up the DNA of who I am like Anime, Comics, Pro Wrestling, Sci-fi, Tokusatsu, to Horror movies like the original Evil Dead movies, to show’s like Spartacus or HBO’s Rome. Overall I appreciate good storytelling and great pacing which will shine through regardless of what medium my story is in.

Your cover looks more a kin to a comic book cover than what you normally see from a novel cover. What influenced your decision to go that route?
I grew up on comic books so it tends to influence my sense of style. I really wanted my cover to look cool and standout. So my mind naturally went to a comic book style with a bit of that epic scope that movie poster illustrations have. A big thank you to Neon Lab at NeonLab - Artists&Clients they did a fantastic job bringing my vision to life.

Who would you say is the target audience for this book?
I guess people who are into stuff like American Werewolf in London, Underworld, like big fight scenes and character driven storytelling. It’s defiantly got a dark tone so if you’re into that sort of thing you’ll feel right at home. Also if you’re not really into novels I think the format I write in can be very appealing. It feels like your reading a show or movie more so than reading a novel if that makes any sense. Likewise if you’re big into novels I think you’ll still enjoy yourself. It won’t feel like your reading something that’s just trying to emulate whatever’s trendy or expected in the novel world.

Is this the first in a series of books?
That’s the plan. I only really see this going to 2 or 3 books. Don’t worry while the ending of the first book maybe a little open ended it still has a conclusion to the immediate story. I wasn’t interested in making a cliffhanger ending.

Where can we find your book?

It’s available exclusively on Amazon. You can get it as an ebook, in paperback form or read it on Kindle Unlimited.

Where can we find you?

I’m mostly on youtube and post stuff their occasionally. ... 44-CpwV5Zg

Is there anything you like to say to your potential readers?

If you decided to take a chance on me and check out my book thank you. Even if you didn’t and you’re only checking out this self-interview thank you. All I’ve ever wanted to do in life is tell stories. If even just one person buys my book and enjoys it than it was all worth it
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Someone told me something rather interesting and perhaps I need to clarify. Wolvon is NOT a gay paranormal romance. I'd rather not disappoint you if that was something you were looking for. The shirt less stuff is actually inspired by the Yakuza video game series where during the big fights the guys go shirt less and really beat the shit out of each other. Also a little bit of old school action hero flicks from the 80's. I just want to clear up any confusion regarding the tone and genres this book falls under.
I take a moment with you to just talk a little about how I felt when the proof copy of my book Wolvon first arrived. How long it took me to get to this point,ect. Also to let you in a bit to get to know me better.
I talk about the lead for the first story/chapter of my book Wolvon Lisa Alverez. I talk about her background, my inspiration for creating her, what I hope to explore with this character and much more.
Once again you can order my book on Amazon


Ebook with preview:
A character Highlight for Jack Moran the lead of story 2 in my book Wolvon. I go over who they he is, my inspiration for making him and what I hope to explore with him.
Once again you can order my book on Amazon

Paperback: Wolvon: Baerga, Shawn: 9798392211623: Books

Ebook with preview: Wolvon eBook : Baerga, Shawn: Kindle Store
A Wolvon Character highlight video for Jennifer Zhu one the leads for story 3 of my book. You can get my book Wolvon at Amazon in both paperback and Ebook formats. A free preview is available just go to the ebook version and click on the picture if the cover.

Wolvon: Baerga, Shawn: 9798392211623: Books

EBOOK Wolvon eBook : Baerga, Shawn: Kindle Store
Another of my Character highlight videos for Kevin one of the lead characters for Story/Chapter 3 my novel Wolvon. Wolvon is available now on Amazon in both Ebook and Paperback formats. Also on Kindel Unlimited. Their is a free preview just click on the cover picture for the the preview.
Wolvon: Baerga, Shawn: 9798392211623: Books

EBOOK Wolvon eBook : Baerga, Shawn: Kindle Store
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