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Woo-hoo! My first Bookbub ad!

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Bookbub is going to promote "The Atomic Sea: Volume One" on April 27. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself.
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Too cool! What percentage of submissions does Bookbub accept? Is that information available? I keep seeing posts from people whose applications were turned down.
I don't know what percent they accept, but it's a pretty small percentage. I've been submitting to them for quite awhile, and until now they've turned me down flat. Maybe I had to build up enough reviews? At any rate, I think you just have to keep submitting to them. Don't give up.
Congrats! That's an awesome achievement to hit! May you sell All the books!
Congrats! Are you going with the free or paid option? Very exciting. :)
Thanks, guys! And it's going to be free.
I find the free has a longer  tail. I'm doing a free one on the 28th, and I plan on doing the first in another series free in October. I like to do two free BookBubs a year. Depending on how slumpy things are in the summer, I might do one on a third series. We will have to wait and see.
>>>>>I find that free has a longer tail.

I was wondering about that, whether I would have been better to go with a  paid option. It's good to hear that the free option works! :)

OP, you have awesome covers! Good luck with the Bookbub ad!

Now does the name of the realm of Octung have any thing to do with the German word Achtung?

Congrats Jack.
Congratulations! That is awesome! And extra huge congratulations for Atomic Sea being selected as an Honorable Mention in Mark Lawrence's blog review competition! You are on a roll! :)
I didn't know about the honorable mention -- cool! We'll see if they have time to "revisit" the book, as they say they might.

About the word "Octung", no, that wasn't intentional, and when I realized the sounds were so similar I almost decided not to use the word. But in the end I liked it so much that I had to keep it.
Congratulations. I'm trying to wrap up my second book so that I'll have a reason to apply for a BookBub ad. :)
jackconnerbooks said:
I didn't know about the honorable mention -- cool! We'll see if they have time to "revisit" the book, as they say they might.
Atomic Sea is listed on the following page of Marc Lawrence's blog as an "honourable mention": Enjoy! :)
Thanks, Marilyn. I googled it after you mentioned it and found it. I'm honored to be mentioned.
Congratulations!!! :)
Congratulations. Based on your Amazon reviews and the LOOK INSIDE, the book will do very well.
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