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Woo, my book is a hot new release :)

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Paper Dolls is currently a hot new release in children's horror :)

The last time I was a hot new release was when I was born (and then only to my parents) ;) ;D
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Wow, congrats! Your cover is GORGEOUS! Love the purple shades of her gown and the background.
Congratulations, Anya!
Well done!
Thanks guys :) :)
(And thanks Aya - I love the dress colour too :))
Congratulations! Mine is getting up there, currently ranked at ~6k. I hope Christmas is good to me :)
Thank you :)

(And 6K is great, Kelly!)
Congratulations. Always nice to hear successes.
Always a good thing when that happens.
You are eligible for that list for the first month. But if you can keep your sells up, when it drops off, your popularity ranking will be high.

So congratulations and best of luck!
Anya said:
Thank you :)

(And 6K is great, Kelly!)
It's still dropping :D. In the last 12 hours I've sold what I sold all day yesterday... and sales for my works are always much better at night. I'm trying not to get too hopeful but I'm moving up the Romance>shortstories HNR with a vengeful fury (top 10 is pretty tight company though).

Here's to us finding some success together!

PS - jealous of your covers.
YAY, Anya! Congratulations. What a great Xmas present! And I, too, think the cover is gorgeous!
Congrats, Anya and Kelly! :)

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Congrats! I saw you up there...! Very nice Christmas present. ;)
Congrats, Anya. That's such an awesome cover.
Thanks all :) And thanks for kind comments on the cover. (I did at first want the dress to be papery to match the book's title, but when I found that background, I thought it was papery enough :))
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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