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WOOHOO! ACX picked one of my books for their stipend program.

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I listed my novel "No Limit" on ACX a few days ago, and this morning received an audition out of the blue. When I went to look, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it had been picked for the stipend program:

As an ACX Producer you may be eligible to receive a bonus payment - we call them "Stipends" - when you complete an audiobook as part of a Royalty Share deal. Basically, ACX will pay you a per-finished-hour fee in addition to the royalties you earn from sales of the audiobook. We are offering this bonus to encourage Producers to try out ACX's innovative Royalty Share option. Titles are selected for stipend-eligibility because they have especially strong sales potential to audiobook customers.
(color emphasis mine because that's what excites me the most -- someone there must have looked at the book and liked something. unless it was just random :) )

Here's the page for the project:

What a nice Saturday morning present! I hope they're right about its "strong sales potential."
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One of my books received one too. I actually emailed acx on Thursday asking about it for No Good Deed, but haven't received a reply back yet. I sent out several audition requests to narrators for NGD and so I had about three or four either upload them, or they will upload them this weekend. I hadn't done anything with March Into Hell except fill out the forms and upload my excerpt, so I was so surprised to get a couple of unsolicited auditions for March Into Hell. I went and looked, and sure enough, it had the green stipend on it.  ;D I'm very excited. However, even though I was happy to receive the auditions for MIH, I'm leaning towards using one of the narrators who showed an interest in NGD even when there was no stipend for MIH. Since it's a series, I'll probably try to stick with the same narrator for all the books.
That's really cool! I want to do an Audiobook but I really don't have the bandwidth to go through the auditions and test try audio versions. Perhaps next year.
Huzzah!  Congrats.
You've got to be jazzed.  It only gets better when you find someone that brings the words to life.  :)

Congrats and happy sales.

When I listed my books at the end of November, one of the audio producers told me about the stipend program and I sent off a request to ACX.  The response I got was surprising as well.  They listed all six books in the Steve Williams series and two from the Games series in the program.  It made it worthwile for the experienced producers to pick up the titles.

I've got producers for all of them and by March 1st they'll all be out through this channel.  This is a huge time committment though, but it is another distribution avenue that to me is worth the time.

I've searched and searched but I can't find a radio drama sample script- I'd really like to try turning one of my books into a 30s style drama rather than just an audio book. Anyone have any links?
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