We recently tested the Kindle Fire game "Word Puzzle for the Soul," and we now see that a holiday version of the app is out: Word Puzzle for the Holiday Soul. This one's another winner from app developer Bullbitz.

As with the original game, you re-construct a scrambled quote, by vertically swapping letter tiles. As you correctly complete a word, the tiles change from a grey to white background. You can easily see your progress as you decipher the quote.

You'll find yourself increasingly engaged as the holiday quotes get longer and more complex. There are 134 quotes in 3 categories: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

The quotes are well-chosen, and include both the familiar as well as ones that are new to me. One thing I liked about this game is the seasonal piano music that plays in the background. I am usually quick to turn off the background music on games like this, but with this one the music is well-chosen and soothing. And, hey, I'm a sucker for all those good old Christmas songs!

As with other Bullbitz games, the game play is well thought-out. It's nicely designed and the controls are pleasing. The game comes with a simple tutorial, but it's intuitive enough that you likely won't need it.

Click on the screenshots below for larger views of the gameplay.

We tested this game successfully on our Kindle Fire HD, and on our Kindle Fire (non-HD).

My twin daughters, both word-nerds, tested this game and give it Four Thumbs Up. At 99 cents, this is another good value from Bullbitz. For lovers of word games, and those who appreciate noteworthy quotes, this one's sure to please.

Nice little puzzler word app for the Holidays. Keeps you in theme with the Holiday atmosphere while being word puzzle challenged. -- Robert, Amazon reviewer

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