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My second piece of work is a guide on developing a meaningful philosophy of Life.


"The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates.

We spend a large part of our college days getting a qualification so that we can join an industry and start to make a decent living for ourselves. But as we get older, and having gotten more control over our financial concerns, many of us begin to ask ourselves more questions about our lives and begin to search for answers to the meaning of our existence. For many modern people, material success is now accompanied by regret that their college days should have been spent developing a more meaningful philosophy of life instead.

This book was written to cater to this longing. It will short-cut the years you might spend on a liberal arts degree by adopting the approach of a famous philosopher when she was asked to summarize her life's ideas while standing upon one foot.
In this e-book you will learn:

- Why develop a meaningful philosophy of life?
- A useful approach to developing a Life Philosophy.
- Metaphysics - What is reality?
- Epistemology - What is knowledge?
- Ethics - Is this right or wrong?
- Politics - How should people make collective decisions?
- Aesthetics - What is good taste?
- Subjecting your Life Philosophy to Internal Reflection
- Appendix: But what about my Philosophy of Success ?
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