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I downloaded several free titles from Amazon, in "The World's Greatest Books ..." series. Unfortunately the titles are so long that all the meaningful letters are truncated, making the Home page list useless without further action on each title. So I used Calibre to put shorter titles on each one.

That worked well. BUT. The modified files can't be stored back in the Amazon cache when I'm finished reading, as they could before modifying the titles. Of course, the modified files are now stored in the Calibre data base for easy access - BUT - they can't be read by the Calibre reader because they still carry the .azw extension.

Then I discovered that each of the free Amazon files in that series is also carried free on the Gutenbeg site, with the same titles. After changing titles of those files, they are readable on the Kindle AND on the Calibre reader. WITH AN ADDED ADVANTAGE; The Gutengerg files have active links, in the table of contents, to each author's work. The Amazon files do not.

Sooooo. I deleted all the Amazon files from that series and loaded the Gutenberg copies to my Kindle instead.

Now I have easy-to-read titles on my home page, leading to books with active tables of content. Backup copies are in my Calibre data base.
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