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Hey there,

I'm Sufi, an avid Kindle fan and the author of the eBook, "Self-Improvement Before You Die". I'm not interested in promoting the ebook here, haha, but it's sold so far more than 450 copies. I don't think it's anything to brag about, but I was just in the middle of writing my latest self-improvement ebook and was wondering if any of you would like to contribute a kind of chapter entry to it. So far I've acquired 3 contributions and it would be a tremendous benefit to readers out there to know that normal people have also had the trouble of self-confidence and have gone through their own problems towards self-improvement.

The thing is, I wanted to use the chapters I've written to reflect back on the contributions of normal and regular people, as kind of examples of people who have had problems and what they did to overcome it you know. For example, a contributor whose written about their fascination towards leadership and what that meant for them, to be used as an example when I would write a chapter about how one can become a leader. Know what I mean?

It's a fascinating topic for me and I'm really an avid fan. I was wondering if anyone of you would also like to contribute something and I would mention you in the acknowledgements. It might also be a great way to promote your ebooks too, if you were interested.

Thank you so much for considering it :)
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