Wrongly Charged: A look at the legal system, by David Merkatz
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202 pages, with a 5.0-star rating from 28 reviews

"This book is a great help in showing you what to do if you suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the law, through no fault of your own. You might think that only bad people get in trouble. The reality is a misunderstanding can happen to anyone, and the best way to protect yourself is through knowledge. You want to read this book BEFORE you get into trouble." -- Amazon reviewer
What would you do if you were arrested and wrongly charged with a crime?

It can happen in the blink of an eye.

It's not supposed to happen in the United States, but it can at any time. After being advised by his attorney in 2013 that his new marketing strategy was legal, Florida locksmith David Merkatz was shocked to learn he was under criminal investigation.

Then he was arrested and charged with money laundering and an organized scheme to defraud. With the flip of a switch, he was facing a 20-year prison sentence.

He was terrified. Life as he knew it was over, and it happened in an instant. But David Merkatz was determined to fight back. By reading his shocking, true story, you'll learn:

• What to do if you're suddenly arrested

• How to get through the booking and arraignment process

• Why you should always carry a bail bondsman's card

• The pros and cons of accepting a plea bargain

• How to appeal a criminal conviction or civil judgment

• How to salvage your life and rebuild your reputation

• And many other things that can save your life as you know it today

Wrongly Charged will shake you to your core. You'll question our "justice" system and our judicial principle of "innocent until proven guilty." But you'll never again ask, "Could this happen to me?" because it will be strikingly clear that it can; when you least expect it.


"This book was a work of art! It was so clearly written and I learned so much about the legal system that I didn't know. The wealth of information can help anyone who has had some trouble with the law. I had a family member who had a brush with the law and I wish I had known some of these things at that time! Dave's story was compelling with a little touch of humor. I truly enjoyed it from the very first paragraph to the end."-Alaine Calestina

"Wrongly Charged" is quite an eye opener! You'll be scratching your head as to how a simple civil matter was blown out of proportion and how the repercussions of multiple arrests and accusations threatened the lives, reputations and livelihood of the men involved. "Wrongly Charged" is an intriguing read, a real life legal drama."-Teri Salvo

"It's really scary that this could happen. After reading this book I learned a lot about how you can be wrongly charged with a crime you didn't commit. It's amazing what they put these three locksmiths through. I give the guy a lot of credit for writing this book and getting the truth out there."-LISA

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