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X-Men: First Class

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Anyone else seen this yet?  I went last weekend and I really enjoyed it.  Way better than X3 and Origins and probably as good if not better than the first two.  There are some continuity problems with the rest of the series, and I'm sure long time fans of the comics and cartoons could find a million things to nitpick about, but if you just take it by itself it's really great.  James McAvoy and Micheal Fassbender are perfect as the young Xaiver and Erik (Magneto), they really made the movie for me.  Kevin Bacon was really fun as the villain too.  It also has one of the best uses of a cameo I've ever seen  :D.
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i agree it was far better than X3 and origins. i love James as professor X
I still liked 1 and 2 better, but it was much better than 3 and 4. It just felt a little rushed/poorly edited to me in a few points.
I really liked it.  As you said, there were nitpicking issues.  But by itself it was rather enjoyable.

In X3, I just could not get over Jean Grey's hair.  It was orange.  Blindingly orange.
I enjoyed the movie a lot, finding it stylish and fun. I think that it was originally slated to be a re-boot of the series, but then halfway into production they leaned more toward making it a prequel. So, the end result is an odd situation where many things line up perfectly with the events of the other X-Men movies, yet other things completely contradict the later "official history" established in the other films. But that's okay, storytellers telling various versions of stories featuring favorite heroic characters are an established facet of our civilization. It's actually kind of fun that one movie says "it happened this way", while another says, "no, it went down like this..." Makes it all somehow more mythological and compelling.

I had one or two minor gripes about non-continuity related issues, but, as I said, I ultimately liked the movie a lot. If you want to read my full review of the film, posted on my blog "Kindle Taproom", here's the address:

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I had planned to see it last weekend and then my girlfriend got sick and we weren't able to go.  I fully plan on seeing it THIS weekend though . I was so disappointed in X3 and Origins. 
I thought the action scenes were good, but the non-action scenes were kind of corny and fake-feeling.
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