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Me and My Kindle said:
So did anyone else receive a new Kindle as a Christmas gift?
I did! ;D I received the Kindle 4 from my mother last night. Today my mother-in-law gave me a case for it. It wasn't a surprise as I knew I was going to be getting it, but the excitement never decreased.

My daughter got one from Santa this morning. He even pre-loaded it with a bunch of books she wanted to read. He also left a case for her. ("How did Santa know which books I wanted??" she asked in pure awe!) This was the first Christmas in seven years that I haven't heard a peep out of her during downtime. Right now she's curled on the couch lost in the world of Laura Ingalls.

My mom played around with mine today and has decided she wants one for her birthday in February. She then decided that it would be an early birthday present and went ahead and ordered one right after dinner. And my son the reluctant reader, has borrowed mine several times to take a look. I think he'll be asking for one come Easter. :D
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