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Yes? No? Suggestions?

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I've looked at this on two computers, a laptop and a cell phone and I'm convinced it's the next blue/black/white/gold dress. LOL Does anyone see any issues with this cover and if so, can you tell me what you're viewing it on? I'm seeing a bit too much pink in the background and the snakes look a bit too bright on the laptop.

Larger version

Sorry, I don't know how to make it so that when you click the cover it enlarges.
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I will be honest, it's a little too busy.  When you said there were snakes, I looked more closely but I wouldn't know they were snakes if you hadn't said so.  The pale yellow of the typography makes it blend a little too much into the background and I'm not sure what the bits of decorative spots around the title are supposed to be.  Overall, the typography (including your name) is too small.
I think it's really pretty, but maybe it needs more contrast and a larger or more distinct author/s name? I'm using Firefox on a MacBook Pro.
The snakes are almost invisible.    And what are the white circles?
The author's name might not even be staying. It's for a writers' group project. Might end up with a logo or something, yet.
I like the leaves around "Garden" but can't really make out the rest of the cover very well. The shadows seem to be hiding the snakes and the guy in the broken mirror only shows up when viewed in a large size. Maybe simplify to just a couple images (I like the snakes and the ripped letter) and make them big enough and clear enough that they show in thumbnail.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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