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Yet another n00b -- sort of.

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Salutations, all. I'm a former Kindle owner (dropped the thing from a great height and busted it), so I have to get a new one. More importantly, I guess, I'm a writer. I started published in 1973, mostly sf... though I have also done fantasy, mysteries, mainstream and horror. I'm a graphic artist and web designer by trade (retired, now), but writing has always been close to my heart as you might guess. I have had some POD things published, and a children's book in 1992. My intent here is to learn from you all, and start publishing my OP stuff, both print and web-based, as e-books. My web site is, so stop by if you've a mind to. Shameless Self-promotion Department: I am also an illustrator, both for interiors and covers. You can see some of my work here:
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Welcome aboard. . .
Hi Al,

Welcome to KB!

Welcome aboard.  Wishing you all the best.

Dan --
Good to see you on here, AL. It's a great place for info, and to show your artistry with covers. Someone will be interested.
Welcome to KB!
Welcome Al.
Glad you found your way to the KB.
Hope you find friends here.
Hi Al,

Welcome to the boards!  Nice to meet you.  Enjoy the community!  :)

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