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My husband was in the Navy for nearly 20 years before retiring.  Took a "beltway bandit" job. . .really a great company:  small, liked the boss and the folks he worked with.  But after almost 10 years it was wearing him out.  Making great money (mid 6 figures)  but he wasn't having as much fun any more.  So he quit.  Went to work for our church. (high 5 figures with his Navy retirement) He's working nearly as many hours for less money but is happy as a pig in slop.  His time is his own, he really only answers to the Pastor who gives him his full support, and he gets to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work most days.  He's the facilities manager and business manager.  They should probably just call him parish administrator and be done with it.  He does pretty much everything except administer the Sacraments!  :D

So, major financial re-adjustment but, all in all, it's worked out fine.  Plus it means he'll probably live a lot longer!

1 - 2 of 49 Posts
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