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Your New Release Process

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So, your book's been edited, proofread, formatted and is nearly ready for uploading.

What do you do next?

Before release:

Day of release:

After release:

(I know there's some good threads about this in the pinned sticky, but I'm interested to see what different people have developed.) Do you have a list or spreadsheet? Do you wing it?
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Before release: I usually write and correct and amend right up to the day I have committed myself to publish.

Day of release: I upload, send an email to my list as soon as I have an ASIN number and sit back to see what happens. If anything is going to go wrong, it will be at this point. I correct things as soon as I notice them (usually blirb and formatting errors that come up in the 'look inside' part) which you cannot do anything about until it's published.

After release: I generally follow the launch rankings and post on Facebook pages that are there for new books.

To me the launch of the book is the end of one job, and the beginning of the other (marketing) which isn't something I share.

Lastly, I wallow in the negative turbulence that usually follows the first week post-launch. I drink, go out, sleep late and generally misbehave.

I never chase for reviews. They don't seem to be important and some of my books still haven't got (regional) reviews, yet still sell well.
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Good info!

Watch out for a misbehaving Tobias after a book release, Greece!
I'm in the "before release" stage with Nightfall right now (which comes out the second week of May). This is what I've been doing while I wait for editing and formatting to be completed.

Before release:

1) Set up a free promotion for the first book in the series to coincide with the release of book two. I've booked around 15 sites. No BookBub, as I had a run with them three months ago. And no ENT because they notoriously reject my book (lol). But I've set up promos with other sites, including Freebooksy, OHFB, Booksends, and others.

2) Send out emails to make sure my ARC team has time to read the book/are on board to read the novel. 

3) I've been posting teasers on social media (as well as a cover reveal a few months ago) to generate excitement.

Day of release:

1) I'll post on social media (FB and Twitter)
2) Send out an email to my mailing list
3) Refresh KDP dashboard all day long...

After release:

1) As soon as Nightfall gets some (hopefully) positive reviews, I'll apply for some promo sites, including BookBub. :)
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TobiasRoote said:
Lastly, I wallow in the negative turbulence that usually follows the first week post-launch. I drink, go out, sleep late and generally misbehave.
I need to add this into my plans! I knew I was missing something, and I think this will help--- I'll call it celebrating!
Before: Proofread three times, edit, tinker, proofread again, spell check twice, double check headings, front and back matter and so forth. Research keywords and analyze listings of similar books.

Day of: Complete formatting, recheck blurb, upload, check in previewer. Must add misbehaving here.

After: Check BookReport often. Get on with the next one.

Optional: Following an especially nerve-wracking release like today's, eat cookies and blow time on KB.

I've scheduled BKnights promos for two of my new serials for next week. If that's valuable, I'll make it a regular thing.
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