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Your Power To Change: The Attitude That Liberates Within

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Hi all, I am happy to share the news that Life has successfully hijacked and turned me into a Spiritual Teacher and Author from Accountant. My first book is out: Your Power To Change.

It is one thing to badly want change in your life; it is totally another to do everything it takes to make that change happen. Your power to change is the difference.

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Change is where excitement lies.

That, of course can be read in one of two ways. Personally, change is what makes life interesting. Best of luck with your new you.
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Thanks Ann... and FranceBarnaby,

Liking it here as I figure my way around...

KB is a genius idea!
I am pleased and grateful to God for the good reception my book has received. Better than I could hope for.

Thanks tonnes.
Really happy with how my book is doing... would love it to do better, but its more than i expected... this being my first serious work.
Hi, I am glad to announce that my last FREE Download is in progress... 28th to 30th March 2013

FREELY download Your Power To Change and access that power within you to make the change you have always wanted in life.

It is time to start over and make the change you want in your life once and for all.

How do you habitualise positive attitudes and behaviours when you struggle in the areas of discipline, commitment and consistency? How do you keep going when you don't know how long the change is gonna take to happen? How do you stay motivated to keep trying to change your life when you repeatedly start, stop, start and stop again? How do you break the cycle of sabotaging your desires and fearing your own destiny (success)? What personal development techniques really work - every guru says his/hers are the real deal? What really is the "power of the mind"?

It is one thing to badly want change, it is totally another to do everything it takes to make that change happen. Your power to change is the difference. This book shows you how to bring that power in your life to once and for all make the change you desire.

Abundant blessings are coming your way.
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Liked this review from Andrew Chilombo on Amazon

Customer Review

Inspiring and life changing book, April 6, 2013
By Andrew Chilombo
This review is from: Your Power To Change: The Attitude That Liberates Within (Kindle Edition)
In 'Your Power To Change: The Attitude that Liberates Within,' Maurice has successfully brought to light fundamental things about human change and growth: the pursuit for happiness is our personal willingness and responsibility to embark on the shortest, yet longest and least travelled path. This is the journey from the head to the heart. Throughout the book, Maurice makes a call that reaches a crescendo when he heaps the whole responsibility for change on an individual person themselves...well, if you don't do it, who will do it for you? He renders human his message in the book by underscoring the pivotal role that play our hearts in the struggle to change. Yes, it is a struggle though it is not supposed to be. Making it not a struggle is in itself a struggle.

Truly, the humanity in us increases when the self sacrifices the self for self and for others. That is, when the self sacrifices the self for self and for others, the self truly loves. When the self loves, the self experiences that deeper sense of well being. Maurice encourages change towards that experience of inner sense of well being.

It is a great and inspiring book that emphasises personal responsibility as key in human growth and maturity. He challenges the reader by reminding them it is their responsibility to change. Since the power to change is within us, there is no blame game in this process. The spiritual flavour to the defining message in the book adds value to another yet important dimension to our lives. Spirituality which Maurice distinguishes from religion. Spirituality is unfortunately losing value because the movement from the head to the heart, from the outside busy life to the inner and quiet self is hard in this world of science and technology and evolution of cultures where what is true is only what falls within the realm of the five senses. Even love that can not be smelt, seen, tasted, physically felt and heard is in crisis.

Having read this book, I have taken my own mat and gone; gone to embark on this life long journey, fully aware that the responsibility is mine, and the power is within me. It is not what the outside says, but how I respond to that. The response is my personal choice and responsibility.

It is a book worth reading, and be let challenged. The writer is very intelligent, cultivated and has a life!
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