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greenpen said:
She is a hypocrite if she says that while having 13 of her probably duller than ditch water books on the Kindle herself. That booker prize is a prize for nerds. As far as I know not one has ever sold in any quantities after winning that prize. I tried reading several in the past and found they were long winded and repetitive tosh. I shall make a point of not looking for any books from this vitriol filled old troll who I had never heard of until now. I have little time for hypocrites like her.
Oh come on, tell us what you really think :)
Do you think she's got electricity yet? An old steam-television?
I must apologize for my disjointed first post, was a bit tired I guess after months of editing rewriting and whatnot. I meant to say the Ways With Words festival does not like thriller authors based on what I know. The 'thrillers are down-market' snobbery perhaps. And no, those big prize winners don't sell, therefore are not widely popular. But then Dan Brown is widely popular.
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