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EVERY generation thinks the following generation reads less, works less, and is too obsessed with current technology (which will, obviously, just be passing fads like them moving pictures).

Wasn't there some Potter fellow, Henry or somethin, that sold a bajillion copies? Don't them young people like their electronic doohickies, which happen to have books? Haven't we seen enough threads about how the Kindle is HELPING younger readers find what they like?

Nah. That's dumb. Without the ability to touch paper, and see the book on my shelf, (all of which have nothing to do with the quality of writing within), clearly reading is sooo much less enjoyable. I've even heard a rumor that when you import classics onto the Kindle, it secretly saps away all the magic of the original writing. It's true! And it also changes the N-word in Huck Finn to "Black Guy Jim."


Generally, any statement that starts with "Kids/Young people today..." is going to be something that will make me want to gag myself with a steak knife.
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