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You've heard of the new Dan Brown novel in May, right?

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The title is INFERNO

I'm glad because it means a few million lapsed readers who normally haven't been reading regularly month per month will be sure to hit the bookstores to grab it since it will no doubt be the hot topic of conversation at the next weekend social gathering. One doesn't want to get caught not being in tune to the latest news at the party!

And I think it's good also because, while he doesn't really have to do anything else the rest of his life he did sit down and hammer out a new one for us. Thanks Dan!
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I'm not a huge Dan Brown fan; he's okay but I never understood why The DaVinci Code became the megahit it did...

Anyway, for those who are, Inferno is available now for pre-order:

$14.99 in the US store
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Cool! I loved The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. I thought that The Lost Symbol was pretty bad though, seeming to pander to the religious types who were needlessy offended by The Da Vinci Code. Then again, the twist with the villain's identity was brilliantly handled.

I'll be getting the (hopefully heavily discounted) hardback on the day of release.

I enjoy Brown's work however I've seen the same structural pattern in most of his novels. I'll check this book out but I hope he gets a little more creative with how his story progresses. Time after time it's a similar main character, an unknown evil, and an assassin playing incredibly similar roles in his books. 
Angels and Demons was terrific! The others, not so much.
I don't think I'll be jumping on this one the day of release, but if Amazon ever makes it the KDD, I'll grab it.
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