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Zennfinnity Was Here is the latest 5-Star release by award-winning author, Jeff Pearson.

“A funny and self-assured collection that may well earn Jeff Pearson a place among the tier of contemporary humorists.”—Vincent Dublado for Readers' Favorite

Dirty Dimebag—what is that foul smell?

A meal is delivered, and a grave is dug. And thus, it begins. From here, as fickle fate will show, there is never any limit to what can happen in this cosmic menagerie of beauty and its beastly companions, this world as we think we know it. Zennfinnity was here, indeed—maybe—who knows?

Grab your favourite mood-enhancing beverage, place a traffic cone on your noggin, and mount your lumbering elephant for a wild ride through trials and tribulations you’ll recognize and others you possibly didn’t know existed. Life and death, love and hate, freedom and the walls of the prison that haunt us all: yin and yang out the rang-a-tang. From the flickering flames of a remote wilderness bonfire, bursting with the embers of ubiquitous sexual tension, to the rhino-rich plains hiding in the shadows of the snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas—and the long, long road in between—come eleven stories of mischief, mayhem, suffering, and survival. Oh, the humanity of it all.

And in the end? Ya, of course—we all get fooled again.

Zennfinnity Was Here. (And probably over there, too).

The eBook is currently 0.99 US. The paperback is currently $7.90 US.

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