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Gessert Books (Formatting and File Conversion)

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I'm Phillip Gessert; and I’m a book designer, typesetter and print/ebook formatter in Amarillo, TX. I began building books full time in 2011, and am especially passionate about page typography. I pride myself on building books to the highest standard of quality, both aesthetically and functionally.

I provide fully validated ePub and MOBI files, suitable for publishing on the Kindle Store and other retailers. All ebooks are created using hand-coded HTML & CSS, and take the unique considerations for different devices into account. The books are built to be flexible and render predictably across a range of e-readers. And I use traditional and classical typographical principles to give the books an appealing look.

I also provide PDF files suitable for print. I’m happy to build to Createspace or Ingram specifications, or simply build to industry-standard print-readiness. I use my pre-press experience to preflight and prepare PDF files that most any print service provider would be delighted to receive.

Please contact me for a quote on your next book.
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